Helicopter JOBS!
Becker Avionics

Utility and Seismic Pilot

South Coast Helicopters, LLC.
230 North Dale Place #100
Fullerton, CA
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Commercial Pilot
Minimum Flight Hours Required
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Some Travel

Job Description
Utility helicopter pilot with vertical reference experience up to 150ft long line.
The pilot on duty is point of contact for the customer and responsible for coordinating the days activities with the mechanic or fuel truck driver.  The pilot is responsible for pre-flight duties including but not limited to, daily inspections, weather planning and weight and balance verification.
Additional responsibilities include ensuring the safe operation of the aircraft as well as compliance with FAA regulations and company policies.  Tracking time and cycle data to ensure compliance with maintenance requirements. Reporting operations information to the home office.
Basic computer skills such as MS Word and Excel are helpful. 
Please email resumes in Word or PDF to, info@schelicopters.com

Job Requirements
At a minimum applicants are required to have,
  • Commercial Helicopter License
  • Class 2 Medical
  • Clean Driving Record
  • 1500 hours PIC
  • 100 hours vertical reference
  • 100 hours AS350B2
Preferred Experience Includes
  • Previous seismic experience including
    • Knowledge and Use of the Kodiak Nav System
    • Carousel Hook
    • Bag Runner retrieval device
  • Previous experience with 135 operations
South Coast Helicopters, LLC.
Vince Lopardo
230 North Dale Place #100
Fullerton CA
United States