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Becker Avionics

Sheriff's Helicopter Pilot

County of Sonoma - Sheriff's Office
575 Administration Dr. Suite 116B
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Commercial Pilot With Instrument
Minimum Flight Hours Required
All Other Helicopter Jobs
Experience Required
From $99,388 To $120,823
Per Year    
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Heavy Travel

Job Description

Starting Salary up to $57.89/hour ($120,113/year)* plus additional cash & benefits!
Precision Vertical "Long-line" Pilot-In-Command Experience Required.

As part of the Sheriff's Office selection process, the most qualified candidates will be required to perform a flight proficiency test.

Our Sheriff's Helicopter Pilots ensure Henry 1's airworthiness and general condition are compliant with Sheriff's Office requirements and industry standards, and that all required maintenance and activity documentation is accurately completed. Henry 1's mechanical services are provided by contract.

Henry 1 and the crew are based out of the Charles M. Schultz (Sonoma County) Airport in Santa Rosa, and work a 7 on 7 off schedule, are compensated for stand-by and overtime hours, and on-call during their work week when not at the hangar.
Job Requirements

As a technical, non-peace officer position in the Sheriff's Office the Pilot reports to, and is responsible for assisting, the Sergeant in charge of the Helicopter Unit. The unit consists of a Sergeant (Supervisor), tactical flight officers (Deputies), two helicopter pilots, and several extra-help paramedics. Additional pilots and paramedics may be hired on an extra-help basis to augment the crew.

*Salary is negotiable and benefits described herein do not represent a contract and may be changed without notice. This recruitment is open continuously and may close at any time without notice. Applications received after the recruitment closes will not be accepted. For more information, including minimum qualifications, & to apply, visit www.yourpath2sonomacounty.org or call 707-565-2331. EOE Apply Now

County of Sonoma - Sheriff's Office
Rosie Rocha
575 Administration Dr. Suite 116B
Santa Rosa CA 95403
United States
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