Helicopter JOBS!
Becker Avionics

Seismic Pilot

Hillsboro, OR 97124
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Commercial Pilot
Minimum Flight Hours Required
Experience Required
Employment Type
Work Schedule

Job Description
Hillsboro Aviation is looking for seismic helicopter pilots for several projects starting Mid-June. The aircraft operated are AS350B3e, B407 and B206 series helicopters.
The pilot on site is responsible for flying and organizing the daily activities in conjunction with the on-site mechanic / driver. The pilot shall be able to operate the Kodiak Nav equipment to place the bags with a carousel and retrieve those bags with a bag-runner system. Transporting customers, additional equipment and survey assignments could be part of the overall job. With support from the office, the pilot is responsible to organize and manage the daily requirements of the job in hand representing Hillsboro Aviation in a professional manner. This includes the courteous interaction with our client, the look and presentation of the equipment used, equipment checks before use and accurate daily reporting of maintenance, flight and duty times as well as mileage reports to the office.
Job Requirements



·         Commercial US rotorcraft helicopter license

·         Current US Class 2 Medical

·         Current driver’s license with a clean driving record

·         Current passport preferred


Required Skills/Experience

·         Must meet the requirements for FAR Part 135

·         Minimum of 1500 hours of RW PIC (turbine powered helicopter) of which 100 hours shall be in the make/model of helicopter to be assigned to

·         100 hours of RW PIC time in the last 12 months of which 10 hours shall be in the make/model of helicopter to be assigned to

·         Must have 500 hours of vertical reference time with 100ft or longer line operated


Preferred Skills/Experience

·         Previous seismic experience using the Kodiak Nav System and bag-runner

·         Experience in multiple make/model of helicopters we operate preferred