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West Palm Beach, FL 33415
United States

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South Florida Water Management District

Palm Beach, FL


Job Description

This is a professional pilot position, piloting the South Florida Water Management District's rotary wing aircraft to support District missions, Governing Board members, and public officials/ representatives as instructed.  The District currently has a fleet of three helicopters: two Bell 407's and one Bell 206, with fixed utility floats for water landings.

The District is responsible for managing and protecting the water resources of South Florida by balancing and improving water quality, flood control, natural systems and water supply over a 16 county area ranging from Orlando to the Florida Keys.  The helicopters are used for research and field support missions including:

  •          Regulation enforcement and permitting
  •          Water quality monitoring including sampling and data collection
  •          Wildlife surveys
  •          Everglades research
  •          Canal and water control structure inspections
  •          Vegetation management inspections
  •          Miscellaneous tours and other support


Potential candidates should have extensive knowledge of the following:

  •          The associated systems of District aircraft to complete comprehensive pre-flight inspections and determine air-worthiness of the aircraft.
  •          The Flight Operations Handbook for each aircraft, aircraft performance, and aircraft weight and balance.
  •          The FAA regulations in order to plan, file and conduct a flight under 14cfr part 91 and part 135 requirements.
  •          Maintaining accurate and comprehensive flight records and files on all operations and assignments.
  •          Meteorological principles, terms and conditions for planning and conducting a flight.
  •          Extensive experience and expertise in remote, unimproved, confined area operations.
  •          Low, slow, tight area flight conditions.


This position may require evening, weekend and holiday duty.

​Must pass the TSA required Criminal History Records check and Security Threat Assessment background checks.

Employment Guidelines (May be filled as Pilot or Senior Pilot) As part of your application, upload a copy of your licenses.  Candidates called for an interview will need to bring their flight log that documents required PIC hours.


High School Diploma or GED and 5+ years experience piloting a helicopter with a minimum 2,500 hours helicopter "Pilot-in-Command" (PIC) time.  Of the required 2,500 hour PIC helicopter time, at least 1,500 of those hours must be as PIC in a turbine helicopter.

Senior Pilot:
High School Diploma or GED.  Has received documented Initial and Recurrent Ground and Flight training in both the Bell 206 and 407 series helicopters and 7+ years experience as a helicopter pilot. Has combined minimum of 5,000 hours "Pilot-in-Command" (PIC) time in Bell 206 and 407 series helicopters and extensive remote area operations experience.  Of the 5,000 hours combined Bell 206/407 flight time, must have a minimum of 250 hours PIC in the Bell 407 and a minimum of 4,750 hours PIC in the Bell 206. Of the 4,750 hours PIC time in the Bell 206, 500 hours of that time must be PIC on fixed utility floats conducting off airport and water landings.

Bell 206 and 407 Initial and Recurrent flight and ground training to have been provided by either aircraft manufacturer or a FAA recognized/ accredited flight training facility.

Must have valid and current licenses:

  •          US DOT/FAA Airmen's Certificate with Commercial Rotorcraft-Helicopter Privileges
  •          US DOT/FAA  Second Class Medical Certificate 
  •          State of Florida Driver's License



Physical Requirements/ Working Environment
Due to the District's response role and in the total scope of emergency management, this position may at times be required to provide support before, during or after major storm events and emergency situations such as hurricanes or other declared emergencies depending on assigned emergency response role.

The applicant must possess and maintain at least a FAA 2nd class medical certificate, and be able to conduct physical activities necessary to safely transport passengers and assist them in case of an emergency.

Must maintain alertness and have the mental stability to safely operate aircraft during normal and emergency conditions, have necessary abilities for climbing, stooping, kneeling, and crawling for aircraft pre-flight inspections and be able to sit for long periods of time while flying aircraft or sitting in the office.

Composition of office and field work with regular exposure to hot and humid environment in remote and heavy vegetative areas.


To Apply

We encourage you to get to know us better. For more information about our organization, this opportunity and to apply online, please visit www.sfwmd.gov/careers. Job Reference: 2304BR. The SFWMD offers competitive wages and benefits. EOE.