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Part Time ENG Pilot (Milwaukee)

Helicopters, Inc
Milwaukee, WI 53225
United States

Minimum Flight Hours Required

Job Description

Helicopters, Inc is the leading provider of ENG helicopters in the United States of America. We operate in over 35 cities and our fleet consists of Bell Jetrangers, Longrangers, 407s, and Airbus AS350s.

Job Location: Milwaukee

Aircraft: Bell 206 B3

Position Available: Part-time Rotorcraft Pilot

Responsibilities of Position: Part-Time ENG

Job Requirements
  • Recent experience in Bell 206 B3
  • Commercial Helicopter Rating
  • 1500 hrs Total Time
  • 250 Turbine Time
  • 250 Cross Country
  • 25 hrs Night Cross Country
  • Prior ENG Experience Preferred
  • Reside within 30 minutes of airport - Lawrence J. Timmerman
  • Local Area Experience Desired
Please send your resume, current medical, and pilot's license VIA EMAIL ONLY to Thom Bencin, Chief Pilot.
Send resume to: tbencin@heliinc.com

Helicopters, Inc
Thom Bencin
5000 Omega Dr.
Cahokia IL 62206
United States