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Becker Avionics

Chief Flight Instructor

Utah State University Aviation
2500 North 900 West J2
Logan, UT 84321
United States

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Job Description

 The Utah State University Aviation Technology program is seeking a Rotorcraft Chief Flight Instructor who has experience in the aviation industry or military, as a pilot with all applicable FAA Certificates. The applicant must be currently qualified to act as Chief Instructor and teach CFI initial applicants as outlined in the FAR's (both part 61 and 141). Courses responsibilities include, but are not limited to FAA Part 61 and 141 Pilot Ground Schools and Flight courses. This is a full-time benefited position at Utah State University. The Aviation programs are located within the School of Applied Sciences, Technology & Education within the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences at Utah State University. To apply to this position please follow this link https://usu.hiretouch.com/job-details?jobid=4171.
Job Requirements

1. The Rotorcraft Chief Flight Instructor will be responsible to the Director of Airport Operations for all aspects of the Rotorcraft program for USU. They will oversee the University’s Rotorcraft Aviation courses to ensure they meet PART 141/61 and University requirements, track all Rotorcraft Ground Schools, Rotorcraft ground training sessions, perform stage checks, and any other specialized training courses. They will be the mentor to other instructors helping to develop a robust cadre of flight instructors, staff and other support personnel. They are part of the Aviation Program leadership team, providing input and guidance to the future of the entire aviation program.
2. The Rotorcraft Chief will be responsible for the teaching of part 61/141 courses as part of the USU Aviation Rotorcraft Professional Pilot 4-year degree: Private Pilot Ground, Instrument Ground, Commercial Ground, and CFI Ground. Other courses may be assigned as needed.
3. The Rotorcraft Chief Instructor will assist in training and supervising Rotorcraft employees. This duty will include the hiring, training of personnel, and maintaining all required records.
4. The Rotorcraft Chief will supervise and monitor the flight training schedule including aircraft, student, and flight instructor schedules.
5. The Rotorcraft Chief will maintain standardization, instructor training, and 141 annual Checkrides. They
will also maintain their own currency and proficiency according to the FARs.

6. The Rotorcraft Chief will perform Part 141 Stage Checks.
7. The Rotorcraft Chief will monitor all FAR 141 and 8710 (IACRA) paperwork for compliance and completeness.
8. The Rotorcraft Chief will aid in student recruitment and program marketing.
9. The Rotorcraft Chief will also assist in maintaining the Standardization and Safety programs.
10. The Rotorcraft Chief will be part of an "on-call" rotation for flight tracking of all USU assigned aircraft flights.
Other specific responsibilities include:
1. Coordinate with the maintenance and airport training directors to insure a consistent, coordinated program for all
aviation students.

2. Coordinate an annual Assessment Program to insure all requirements are completed.

3. Recruit, supervise, and train instructors as necessary for course implementation.

4. Develop, construct, and harmonize curricular changes for University approval.

5. Represent the program to all visitors, requests for tours and perspective students coordinating with our academic adviser and public affairs department.

6. Coordinate schedule to provide ground school, ground training, and flight training rotorcraft students.

7. Keep office hours to insure students have an avenue for their concerns and counseling needs.

8. Coordinate with University, College and Department administration, the Federal Aviation Administration, the University Veterans Affairs Office and others representing the program and presenting progress and update reports.

9. Support the outreach and recruiting efforts, including open house, school visits, and summer camps.
Minimum Qualifications
1. Bachelor's Degree with five years' aviation industry experience

2. Commercial Certificate with Instrument Rating.

3. Certified Flight Instructor and CFII Certificates- must meet the 141.35 minimums (please show how you meet the minimums in your resume.)
4. Previous Part 141 experience

5. Aviation teaching experience and knowledge of curriculum subjects

6. Excellent computer skills, including electronic scheduling and grade book experience

7. SFAR 73 Endorsements for both Robinson R22/R44.
Utah State University Aviation
Megan Harris
2500 North 900 West J2
Logan UT 84321
United States