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Line Pilot

Heli Niugini
Papua New Guinea

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Job Description
  • In any emergency, the Pilot-in-Command shall take any action considered
  • necessary to preserve the safety of the aircraft, its passengers or cargo
  • including:
  • following any course of action that is deemed necessary to complete a flight
  • safely
  • deviating from prescribed routes, methods, procedures or minima to the extent
  • required to deal with the emergency
  • keeping the appropriate ATS Unit informed regarding progress of the flight,
  • actions and intentions
  • Following an emergency, the Pilot-in-Command shall:
  • inform the Chief Pilot immediately after landing of any departure from regulatory
  • requirements or Company procedures
  • submit a written report to the Chief Pilot within twenty-four hours of the incident
  • in the event of an accident or serious incident, control access to the aircraft and
  • notify and report in accordance with Rule Part 12.
General Responsibilities
The Pilot-in-Command is responsible to the Chief Pilot for:
  • compliance with the requirements of the Exposition relevant to the operation
  • being conducted
  • the conduct of the flight including the safety of persons and cargo
  • ensuring the aircraft is loaded within limits
  • ensuring refueling operations are supervised and ensuring refueling is conducted
  • in accordance with the Operations Manual
  • where no Company ground staff are in attendance, safe and efficient passenger
  • embarkation/disembarkation
  • maintaining passenger discipline in flight
  • ensuring no person enters the aircraft who is obviously under the influence of
  • intoxicating liquor or narcotics or drugs, except as a medical patient under proper
  • care
  • validity and accuracy of all transmissions from the aircraft
  • compliance with all applicable ATS instructions and reporting requirements
  • ensuring passengers are briefed in accordance with the Operations Manual
  • ensuring flight plans are terminated
  • operating the aircraft in accordance with all applicable conditions and limitations
  • contained in the MEL
  • complying with any instructions suspending or restricting flight operations
  • contacting the Maintenance Controller where maintenance is required away from
  • base
  • maintaining a sound knowledge of Civil Aviation Rules relating to flight operations
  • making his logbooks available when requested
  • ensuring only approved lifting gear is used in external load operations
  • maintaining assigned aircraft in a clean and presentable condition.
  • complying with the Company Code of Conduct
Specific Pre-Flight Responsibilities
The Pilot-in-Command shall ensure:
  • the flight is authorized
  • all required flight documentation is lodged in the aircraft
  • he is familiar with the flight manual requirements, placards and instrument
  • markings, emergency equipment and procedures
  • a pre-flight inspection is carried out in accordance with the schedule contained in
  • the Maintenance Control Manual (an extract of which is lodged in the aircraft with
  • the Technical Log) and all pilot maintenance is carried out
  • maximum all up weight will be within limits
  • the C of G is calculated and within limits
  • a flight plan is lodged
  • appropriate meteorological information is obtained for departure, enroute,
  • destination and alternate aerodromes
  • NOTAMs are studied
  • the Maintenance Log is checked, any recorded discrepancies have either been
  • cleared or correctly deferred, any MEL conditions /limitations identified and the
  • aircraft has sufficient operating hours remaining to permit the planned flight to be
  • completed
  • the required instruments and equipment for the flight to be undertaken are
  • installed and operative
  • fuel and oil quantities are adequate for the flight and the reserves of fuel
  • prescribed in the Company fuel policy are available
  • required role equipment is installed correctly
  • all cargo and baggage is positioned according to the approved loading system
  • and secured in a manner which will prevent movement in flight
  • performance requirements in the aircraft flight manual for takeoff and landing can
  • be complied with
  • obstacle clearance at the point of departure and destination is considered
  • any passengers are briefed on safety requirements and use of emergency
  • equipment, and where applicable, on the importance of not interfering or
  • manipulating the aircraft controls.
  • as pilot, he is in a fit state to perform his assigned duties
  • prior to takeoff passenger seat belts are fastened and all doors and hatches
  • correctly locked.
  • ensuring all pilot maintenance is carried out before the flight ADD TO
Specific Post-Flight Responsibilities
The Pilot-in-Command shall ensure:
  • flight is recorded individually in the Tech Log as soon as possible after the flight
  • or series of flights are completed
  • details of each flight are accurately and progressively entered into his logbook in
  • a legible and permanent manner
  • all discrepancies are recorded in the Maintenance Log at the termination of the
  • flight.
  • completed maintenance logs are forwarded to Maintenance Control without delay
  • post flight inspections and actions are completed in accordance with Ops Manual
  • Procedures
  • duty records are completed as soon as possible after the flight or series of flights

Job Requirements

Heli Niugini

Madang 00000
Papua New Guinea