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Helicopter Inspector Pilot

United States Forest Service
USFS/AFD 5765 W Broadway St
Missoula, MT 59808
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Minimum Flight Hours Required
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Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Yes USDA back ground
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Some Travel

Job Description



This position is a Regional office position in Fire, Aviation and Air. The Regional Helicopter Inspector Pilot (HIP) reports to the Regional Aviation Officer (RAO). Located at the Aerial Fire Depot, Missoula Airport (MSO), Missoula Montana.

Incumbent serves as the Regional Helicopter Inspector Pilot with responsibility for administering pilot evaluations in rotary-wing aircraft. Pilot evaluations are administered for the purpose of determining an individual’s suitability to perform special use missions typical of natural resource operations. Incumbent provides evaluation and technical oversight of pilots, aircraft and equipment used in agency missions and serves as an aircraft pilot in command. Additionally, this position provides technical aviation direction to extremely complex elements of the regions aviation program. This includes liaison with the Army and National Guard, liaison with the commercial helicopter industry, support for, and cooperation with, state and federal land management agencies and other related organizations.

Job Requirements
  • Requires practical knowledge of fire gained from firefighting experience or aerial firefighter experience.

  • Requires a current and valid Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with Rotorcraft /Helicopter Rating.

  •  Requires a current and valid Certified Flight Instructor Rating for Rotorcraft/Helicopter.

  •  Requires a current and valid FAA Class I or II Medical Certificate.

  •  Requires that the incumbent meet or exceed USFS helicopter pilot flight hour requirements as detailed in FSH 5709.16

  •  PIC – Helicopter 1500 Hours

  •  Preceding 12 months – PIC Helicopter 100 Hours

  •  Turbine Helicopter Operations 100 Hours

  •  Mountainous Terrain Flying* – Helicopter 200 Hours

United States Forest Service
Philip Ketel
USFS/AFD 5765 W Broadway St
Missoula MT 59808
United States