Helicopter JOBS!
Becker Avionics

Helicopter Genius in Training Required

Houston, TX
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Mechanic - A&P
Minimum Flight Hours Required
Job Start Date
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
From $50,000 To $100,000
Per Year    
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Some Travel

Job Description

We're looking for a good young A & P who is interested in field work. Field work we define as keeping an aircraft and support equipment (trucks, trailers, hooks, carousels, automatic bagpickers, etc) serviceable year round without benefit of hangars and other mechanics. Lots of year round work in all over the USA, but also opportunities to travel, including overseas.

Seeking someone who can start immediately, to work on Canadian (under supervision) and American aircraft. We will be providing airframe and engine courses (eventually - schedule to be established and we will live up to it) towards Canadian AME licence and ACA status (Airworthiness Certification Authority).

Join a company that has year over year loyalty from employees. (we have many employees with 30+ years and one with over 50).

See the world.

Be part of the solution with a management team that listens and reacts.

Job Requirements
Good attitude.
Desire to see and experience new things. 
A&P Licence (license?)
Work Ethic.
Mechanical inclination (I know many mechanics who are not mechanically inclined - which makes one wonder about their Career Day choices in High School!)
Patience and a cooperative attitude.
Driving ability.
Penchant to dip their boot in a mountain stream to provide mix for their whisky. 
Dual citizen would be absolutely ideal