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Granbury, TX - Maintenance/Ferry Pilot ($15K Sign on Bonus)

Granbury, TX 76048
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Commercial Pilot With Instrument
Minimum Flight Hours Required
HAA (Helicopter Air Ambulance)
Experience Required
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Some Travel

Job Description

We invite you to join a team of highly skilled emergency medical experts, pilots and mechanics! Our mission of providing care to the world at a moment's notice is at the heart of everything we do. We are caregivers, first and foremost, and we will be there when you need us.


· $ 15,000 sign-on bonus and $40,000 retention bonus, all locations

· 7 7/7 schedule

· 2 24-hour base housing, provided at all locations


This is a time-building position for pilots that do not yet meet the Air Evac Line Pilot minimums and CAMTS requirements. Once the minimums are met, the Maintenance/Ferry Pilot transitions to a line position.

Assists maintenance personnel at a Regional Maintenance Offices (RMO) to conduct pre-flights, run-ups, operational check flights (OCFs), and fly aircraft as necessary (14CFR91 flights only; 14CFR135 flights are strictly prohibited).

Ensures that all aircraft have met the highest standards regarding Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and compliance prior to being released to the field. Ferries aircraft between RMOs and bases, and other locations, and strives to minimize base out-of-service time.


• Conducts pre-flights and reports any findings to the respective maintenance personnel.

• Conducts run-ups and reports any findings to the respective maintenance personnel.

• Conducts Operational Check Flights (OCFs) and reports any findings to the respective maintenance personnel.

• Maintains engineering reports as required.

• Works with maintenance personnel to resolve all mechanical issues and concerns.

• Ferries aircraft between the RMO and field locations, as well as other locations when required.

• Ferries all other aircraft as required.

• All flights will comply with 14CFR91, the GOM, and Policies & Procedures.

• 14CFR135 flights are strictly prohibited.



• FAA Rotorcraft-Helicopter Commercial certificate

• FAA Rotorcraft-Helicopter Instrument rating

• Current Second Class medical certificate

• High school diploma or equivalent


• 1500 hours total flight time

• 1200 hours helicopter time

• 1000 hours helicopter pilot in command time

• 250 hours turbine time

• 50 hours night unaided and/or NVG


• 230-pound weight limit

Global Medical Response teams deliver compassionate, quality medical care, primarily in the areas of emergency and patient relocation services around the world. We provide end-to-end medical transportation as well as fire services, integrated healthcare solutions and disaster response.

Job Requirements