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Full-Time entry level CFI/Tour pilot position R44 & R22

MaxFlight Helicopter Services
4010 4th St.
Kissimmee, FL 34741
United States

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From $20 To $20.00
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Job Description


MaxFlight Florida Job opening

Email resume to: frontdesk@maxflightheli.com
Attn:Austi Tarter-Leclercq


Required helicopter hours 250
Robinson safety course: required

This job is for a full time CFI or CFII looking to build hours. We currently have an opening to fly day tours and training 3 days a week & fly night tours for a minimum of 3 days a week. This position also has the responsibility to cover all vacation time for current full time pilots.  Also, as an instructor you are encouraged to obtain students, in which we will give you leads for, to fly on or off your regular scheduled shifts. The hours you get are based on the ambition of the CFI or CFII.  If you're motivated you will fly a lot here.  The day shift starts at 9am and ends at 6pm. The night shift starts at 6pm and goes as late at 10pm. However, this does not mean you will be required to be at MaxFlight for those hours if there are no tours. The day shift rate is $120 per day + tips.  The night rate is $60 per night + tips. If you’re covering vacations, the day rate is $120 per day + tips. If you're working outside of your scheduled night, day or vacation coverage, your rate is $20 per flight hour and $20 per ground hour. You will get a raise within 3 months upon successful review.  MaxFlight reserves the right to change which days you fly based on the needs of the business. We try to give the same days every week but it is NOT guaranteed. We require a 1 year commitment for all new hires but prefer an 18 month commitment or longer. 

About Florida, Helicopter pilots have no problem living here in central Florida. The cost of living is low. There are also many other tour companies that will bring you on as a part time or fill in pilot IF you needed extra work. As for MaxFlight, we have been here 11 years and get along very well with all the helicopter companies in the area.

Also, there is room for future growth at MaxFlight, we currently hold a Part 135 charter certificate, a part 141 certificate and an Air tour certificate. As for equipment, we have R-22’s & R-44’s. Lastly, we want positive attitude applicants. We are a close team and make everything work by helping each other out and being able to wear multiple hats. You will be flying but you will also be washing, cleaning, fueling, using the register, and many other things.

When does the job start: As soon as background checks and drug testing is complete.

Job Requirements

 CFI is required CFII even better
 250 hrs min
 Robinson Safety Course is required
MaxFlight Helicopter Services
Austi Tarter
4010 4th St.
Kissimmee FL 34741
United States
MaxFlight Helicopter Services Austi Tarter