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Flight Instructor (CFI - CFII) / Tour Pilot

Flying Helicopter Made Easy
2035 Smithtown ave
Ronkonkoma, NY 11752
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Minimum Flight Hours Required
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Job Description
We are seeking to fill a CFI/CFII position at our flight school located in Long Island, NY, looking for a motivated Certified Flight Instructor for our growing team.

This position also includes, basic maintaining aircraft, administrative duties, and customer service. Must hold a current CFII and be able to instructor in a R22 and R44.

Optional Tour work, Surveys & Photo flight, as well as opportunity for join our 135 services

Job Requirements


Minimum Requirement:

· 200 Hours Rotorcraft

· 20 Hours PIC R44 and R22

· Must have attended RHC Pilot Safety Course

CFI /CFII certificate with SFAR for R22 and R44.
Excellent communication and organizational skills.
Friendly, highly motivated, professional and always on time.
Must be available to work weekends and some holidays.

300+ hours total helicopter time
CFII certificate

Flying Helicopter Made Easy
ilan nahoom
2035 Smithtown ave
Ronkonkoma NY 11752
United States
Flying Helicopter Made Easy ilan nahoom