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Civilian Law Enforcement Helicopter Pilot

Leon County Sheriff's Office Aviation Section
3274 Capital Circle SW
Tallahassee, FL 32310
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Commercial Pilot With Instrument
Minimum Flight Hours Required
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Job Start Date
Application Closing Date
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Yes Criminal History Check
From $43,228 To $61,338
Per Year    
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Some Travel

Job Description

2825 Municipal Way
Tallahassee, Fl 32304
Applications may be filed electronically at http://www.leoncountyso.com/
 Civilian Law Enforcement Helicopter Pilot
$20.78 - $29.49 Hourly
$1,662.62 - $2,359.15 Biweekly
$43,228.00 - $61,338.00 Annually
This is a mid level position that involves complex technical expertise operating
helicopters in support of the Sheriff's Office activities. The position exercises judgment
and individual initiative in the performance of routine duties and in emergency
situations, often without immediate supervision. The position adheres to the agency
core values of honesty and integrity, accountability, teamwork, trust and respect and
commitment to excellence. To be successful in this position, the employee must
demonstrate knowledge of geographical jurisdiction, conflict resolution, general
communication skills (both written and oral), inter-personal skills, problem solving,
driving, team building skills and interviewing skills. Additionally, the employee would
need to maintain current pilot licensing and qualifications in accordance with FAA Part
91 and LCSO standards. Candidates selected for the position must be tobacco free as
defined by the agency effective with their date of hire.
1. Conduct routine air patrol.
2. Pursue fleeing suspects.
3. Develop tactical strategies.
4. Coordinate daily maintenance and aviation activities.
5. Inspect and verify crewmember/aircraft records.
6. Provide support during natural disaster and conduct environmental surveys.
7. Transport the agency's personnel and other government officials.
8. Ability to control aircraft and fly within the prescribed flight envelop at all times.
9. Ability to effectively use all avionics equipment in order to safely complete air
10. Knowledge of applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations and the
application of such to the performance of the job.
11. Ability to read, understand, and apply aviation and street maps.
12. Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
13. Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergency situations.
14. Ability to cope with stressful situations and perform calmly under stressful
15. Ability to work closely with others as a team.
16. Ability to prepare and present clear, accurate, concise and objective written and
oral reports.
17. Skill in the operation of motor vehicles in a safe and efficient manner in a law
enforcement environment. Essentials for this requirement shall include, but not be
limited to: ability to sit in a standard car seat, ability to use right foot for operation
of gas pedal, ability to use right foot for operation of brake pedal, ability to use
gearshift, ability to obtain and maintain a valid Florida driver's license (minimum
Class E), ability to properly identify colors utilized in descriptions.
18. Ability to report to work timely, consistently and as scheduled.
19. Ability to report to work in times of an emergency disaster as declared by local,
state or federal officials or agencies.
20. Ability to work rotating 8-12 hour shifts involving day-time and night-time hours as
well as weekends.
21. Ability to perform all functions of the job classification without posing a direct
threat to the health or safety of other individuals in the work place.
Job Requirements

High School Diploma or GED required;
Must reside in Leon County and satisfy all disqualification factors outlined in the
application for employment required;
Must possess a valid Florida driver's license with a good driving history required;
Possess a valid FAA commercial pilot's certificate with helicopter rating and
helicopter instrument ratings or helicopter ATP certificate license required;
Possess and maintain a FAA Class 2 medical certificate required;
Possess 500 hours helicopter pilot in command time.
Preference will be given to candidates with:
1000 hours helicopter pilot in command.
NVG experience.
Prior airborne law enforcement experience.
Commercial or ATP airplane ratings.
Helicopter CFI.
Experience in a Bell 206B, L, OH-58, or 505 models aircraft.
Must be able to lift, push, carry or pull a minimum of 50 pounds independently.
Position requires frequent work outdoors, during high and low temperatures and
inclement weather or disasters.
Position has an increased risk of occupational exposure to hazardous and
infectious materials.