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Chief Pilot - UH60 - Southeast Asia

Pilot Xpress
100 Crescent Court Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75201
United States

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Job Description

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 Pay is Negotiable - Heavy Travel to Southeast Asia

Chief Pilot (Ref: 14 CFR Parts 119.69)

The Chief Pilot is directly responsible to the Director of Operations. He directly supervises all flight crew members. He shall meet the requirement of FAR Part l 19.71(b) at the time of his appointment as Chief Pilot. His specific duties, responsibilities and authority are as follows:

1. Directs all training activities of flight crew members.

2. Updates office and aircraft copies of the General Operations Manuals.

3. Coordinates operations policies, and training matters with appropriate activities.

4. Advises the appropriate personnel of the status of flight operations and the training of the flight crew members and is responsible for crew member's standardization.

5. Prepares and maintains proficiency records, flight schedules, reports and correspondence pertaining to operations activities.

6. Provides an adequate and current flight kit for each aircraft.

7. Maintains current aircraft checklist.

8. Disseminates information to all crew members as pertains to routes, airports, NOTAMS, navaids and policies. Will maintain and make available to all employees a current copy of the Aeronautical Information Manual, FAR Parts 61, 91, 119 and 135.

9. Submits to the FAA all reports required, pertaining to flight crews.

10. Designates sufficient Training pilots to ensure all flight crews conform to standard procedures as outlined in applicable FAA Regulations and Company policies, and to ensure that all pilots.

11. Schedules aircraft to the available flight crew members and establishes personnel duty hours.

12. Maintains proficiency as a Pilot-in-Command (per FAR Part 119.71(c)).

13. Developing and maintaining a "Local Area Hazards Map"

The Chief Pilot may delegate functions to other personnel, but retains responsibility for his/her specific duties, responsibilities and authority.

The Chief Pilot must be highly knowledgeable of the General Operations Manual, FAA Regulations, Operations Specifications, flight manuals, etc., and other instructions pertinent to his duties. The Chief Pilot is authorized to exercise Operational Control under FAR Part 135.77.
Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

  • 7000 hours total time
  • 3000 hours Instructor Pilot time
  • Must meet FAR 119 requirements to serve as Chief Pilot
  • Must have experience in UH-60/S-70A and meet DOI/USFS pilot carding requirements
  • Must have previous and recent 135 Experience and Fire Fighting Experience
  • Hoist Experience Preferred
  • TF-160 Experience preferred

Strong Leadership Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Strong Computer Skills.
  • Highly organized and well versed with FAR’s
  • Fire Experience
  • Hoist operation experience
  • Precision Long Line Skills


  • Company liaison with FAA
  • Write, revise and implement training documents (SMS, IS-BAO, Company SOP’s, EFB) and enforce them.
  • Responsible for 133/137 Pilot Training
  • GOM and TM revisions
  • Pilot Training
  • Company Check Airman
  • Work with company Safety Director as needed to develop SMS and Safety Culture
  • Other Duties/Tasks as assigned
Pilot Xpress
Dwayne Myers
100 Crescent Court Suite 700
Dallas TX 75201
United States