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Becker Avionics


Brewster, WA 98812
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Commercial Pilot
Minimum Flight Hours Required
Security Clearance Required

Job Description
Golden Wings Aviation is looking for cherry-drying pilots for the 2019 season in Brewster, Washington. This is a temporary, seasonal job that will last approximately two months (60 days). We operate the Sikorsky S-55 - yes, the one with the Wright R-1300 radial engine. So piston-engine experience is a plus! Applicants must have a Commercial Rotorcraft rating with 500 hours of PIC time in helicopters. You must also have a current flight physical and 24-month flight review. Being current in something would be a big help. You must be trainable.
We are not a flight school, but we will provide ground school for the S-55 as well as thorough instructions on how to do the job. We’ll also provide a checkout in the S-55 with up to five hours of flight time if necessary. So bring you’re A-game and don’t pretend to know how to fly if you don’t.

This is a “continuous duty” job, strictly FAR Part 91 – no passengers and/or cargo for hire. There is no “contract” per se. However you must commit to sticking around for the entire 60 days. We'll take you at your word. The cherry season lasts from 1 June through whenever the cherries are all picked, which is usually prior to the end of July. You will be on-duty every day, and expected to be able to fly at sunrise if necessary. Growers plant cherries where it does not rain a lot. Some years are wetter than others. So flight time will vary and we make no guarantees. This is not a time-building job. It’s a fun summer job where you get checked-out in and build some flight time in an iconic, historic 7,200 MGW pound helicopter.

We will provide housing, which consists of a private bedroom in a crew house with kitchen, washer/dryer and wifi. Or you may be in an RV depending on which job you’re assigned to. Sorry, we do not have the ability to accommodate spouses, significant others, best friends or pets larger than a goldfish. You provide your own transportation. Meals are...well, the Boss likes to feed us. There are always company cookouts and he's always taking us out to lunch and dinner. Nobody goes hungry at Golden Wings. Other than that, food is on you. (Or on me, if you've seen me eat.)

But wait- there’s more!

We also are looking for “copilots.” The S-55 is certified as a single-pilot helicopter, but we can offer a unique opportunity for commercially-rated pilots who would like to get some real-world experience in commercial operations but who do not yet qualify to be PIC. This is an unsalaried position. However, we do need you to have a Commercial rating, because we provide compensation in the form of the same housing and food deal as we do our PIC’s. We will provide the same ground training to you as we do our PIC’s, however any flight time will be accrued on the job.

If you’re interested, send your resume to:

Dave Smith, Owner

Golden Wings Aviation

343 Monse River Road

Brewster, WA 98812

You can (and should) always email it to us:dcsmith@goldenwingsaviation.us

Job Requirements