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Becker Avionics

A&P needed for Bell 206B/L- Southern Arizona

Southwest Heliservices
2101 East Elvira Road
Tucson, AZ 85756
United States

Minimum Certification Required
Mechanic - A&P
Minimum Flight Hours Required
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Some Travel

Job Description

Responsible for inspections, repairs, modifications, periodic maintenance, servicing and cleaning of aircraft. Responsible for performing these tasks within the limits of the employee’s Federal Aviation Association (FAA) Airframe & Power Plant (A&P) certificate or other certifications, this classification may also inspect and certify work accomplished on assigned aircraft and their components by performing the following duties.

Summary of essential job functions

  • Performs and documents periodic maintenance of assigned aircraft and components according to manufacturer's instructions, service bulletins, and FAA directives.
  • Diagnoses problems and removes, replaces, and repairs aircraft components within limits of the A&P Certificate.
  • Coordinates aircraft inspections/maintenance/servicing with Director of Maintenance to assure maximum availability of aircraft.
  • Coordinates contractor/vendor inspections, repairs, modifications, and certifications of aircraft and component parts which cannot be accomplished in-house.
  • Modifies aircraft and component parts according to manufacturer's instructions, FAA directives, and industry practices if within authority of current certifications.
  • Tows, pushes, or pulls aircraft using manual and mechanical means.
  • Maintains all tools, equipment, and required publications, technical data, and related materials.
  • Complies with all directives and administrative requirements of the FAA and State and Federal regulatory agencies applicable to assigned duties to include record-keeping.
  • Maintains inventories and orders stock of essential spare parts, supplies, and related materials.
  • Calibrates, or coordinates calibration of special purpose tools, gauges, and equipment according to manufacturer's or FAA requirements.
Job Requirements

 Possess A&P License with no enforcement action (2 + years)

Must have 2 + years experience maintaining Bell 206B/L
Should have field experience on the Bell 206B/L
Should have field experience on the Rolls Royce 250-C20/30 Engine
Familiar with aircraft manufacturers’ maintenance manuals and STCs
Able to make proper log entries as required by the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)
Able to work in a team environment, meet deadlines as necessary, and work independently with good time management and organizational skills

Southwest Heliservices
Peter Ramirez
2101 East Elvira Road
Tucson AZ 85756
United States