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Aircraft Flight Instructor

Oklahoma City, OK
United States

Minimum Flight Hours Required
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From $103,409 To $134,435
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Job Description

Apply your knowledge of fixed-wing or rotary aircraft to do professional educational work as a staff Aircraft Flight Instructor. You will help train new hires in instrumentation, on-ground, and in-flight, and you will perform aircrew and pilot proficiency evaluations.

***Eligibility: This job is open to Veterans with VEOA eligibility; current federal employees with competitive status; current and former Land Management employees who qualify under the Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act; and individuals eligible under a noncompetitive special hiring authority.

This Aircraft Flight Instructor position is with the Air and Marine Operations (AMO), within U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), at the National Air Training Center (NATC) located in Oklahoma City, OK. Typical assignments include:

  • Instructing or evaluating student pilots in advanced instrument flight techniques, human factors, cockpit resource management, emergency procedures, and the operation of high-performance aircraft which includes hazardous maneuvers and procedures.
  • Instructing pilots in methods of instruction and evaluating their proficiency to engage in flight instruction.
  • Testing and certifying aircraft airworthiness by evaluating mechanical deficiencies and functionality of the airframe, components, and systems.
  • Planning, scheduling, implementing, and maintaining airplane and/or helicopter training programs for CBP.
  • Evaluating program safety and flight procedures and recommending corrective action or additional training.

Salary and Benefits

This position starts at a salary of $103,409 (GS-13, Step 1) to $134,435 (GS-13, Step 10) with promotion potential to $134,435 (GS-13, Step 10). Employees receive the full package of federal employment benefits that include health and insurance plans, a generous annual and sick leave program, and participation in the Thrift Savings Plan, a retirement plan similar to a traditional 401(k) offering.

Job Requirements


This position has an Individual Occupational Requirement (IOR)/Basic Requirement IOR as described below.

Experience – You qualify for the GS-13 grade level if you possess one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the next lower grade level, performing duties such as:

  • Instructing and evaluating pilots in advanced precision instrument flight techniques and procedures for flying rotary-wing aircraft.
  • Conducting ground and flight instruction in rotary-wing aircraft.
  • Developing education and training programs for use throughout the department and other external entities.
  • Performing maintenance check flights to ensure proper completion of maintenance.
  • Preparing fund expenditure reports and tracking them; and submitting monthly aircraft mission and pilot flight time reports.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements – Minimum eligibility requirements for positions in this occupation are based on possession of the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot certificates and/or appropriate military ratings, meeting the applicable flight hour requirements, and possession of the knowledge and skills required for the positions.

Flight Experience – Candidates must demonstrate possession of the knowledge and skills required for the work by meeting certain minimum flight hour requirements, including recency of flight experience. The categories in which candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency relate to (1) the general knowledge and skills to pilot the aircraft, and (2) the specific knowledge and skills related to the particular position being filled. Only that flight experience that is directly related to the work of the position is required for purposes of establishing minimum eligibility.

Minimum Flight Hour Requirements – Pilot enter-on-duty minimums are 1,500 flight hours; (up to 500 hours can be waived, reducing the pilot enter-on-duty minimums to 1,000 hours. The Flight Hour Waiver option can be completed in assessment section).
1. 1,500 Total Flight Hours/Time – Flight time as pilot-in-command or copilot in aircraft of any weight or category is creditable for this requirement.
2. 250 Pilot-In-Command Flight Hours – Only flight hours acquired as pilot-in-command are creditable.
3. 75 Night Flight Hours
4. 100 Flight Hours in the Last 12 Months – Required only for positions that involve flying. The flight hours specified apply to competitive appointments. For positions flying both helicopters and airplanes, at least one-fourth of the total hours must be in either category of aircraft.
5. 75 Instrument – At the GS-11 level and above, at least 10 of the required hours must have been logged in actual instrument weather. The balance may have been acquired in a flight simulator or as other types of instrument flight time, e.g., hood instrument.
6. 500 Flight Hours of Instructor Time – Must be related to the nature of the instruction work and the category of aircraft operated (i.e., airplane or helicopter) in the position to be filled. If the purpose of the position is to provide instruction in instrument flight techniques, one-half of the flight time must have involved instrument instruction in either airplanes or helicopters.

Medical Requirements – At the time of initial appointment, candidates for all pilot positions must possess a current first or second-class medical certificate in accordance with FAA regulations; both meet the intent of the requirement. If an agency decides, for example, not to accept the second-class medical certificate, the rationale for the decision should be based upon the requirements of the position and should be thoroughly described in agency operating material. Staff specialists not involved in the operation of aircraft need only have a medical examination indicating that they are able to perform the duties of the position to be filled. For flight test pilots, airspace system inspection pilots, and Customs pilots, all candidates must possess a current first-class medical certificate at the time of appointment.

Security Clearance – You may be required to obtain a Secret or higher-level clearance for this position.

See official Job Opening Announcement (JOA) at USAJOBS.gov for complete details and guidance on preparing your documentation.

How to Apply

Click this site’s APPLY link to access the official JOA on USAJOBS.gov, the federal government’s official employment site. You will learn exactly how to submit your application package, which is due no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on 4/30/2024, to receive consideration.

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