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Director of Operations

Midwest Medical Transport Company Midwest MedAir
2611 S 117th St.
Omaha, NE 68144
United States

Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Some Travel
Minimum Certification Required
Commercial Pilot
Minimum Flight Hours Required

Job Description

To apply please https://midwestmedicaltransport.candidatecare.jobs/job_positions/preview/24883

Under Senior Management

The Director of Operations provides the oversight, direction and regulatory guidance for an independent FAR Part 135 Helicopter Air Ambulance operation. Works with the CEO/CFO to provide resources, equipment, aircraft maintenance support and personnel management to ensure the optimum performance of the company’s aviation assets.

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  1. Formulates plans and policies.
  2. Directs the execution of Company policies, establishes operations, personnel and equipment standards.
  3. Schedules all flights and assigns flight crews.
  4. Schedules aircraft into applicable inspections and maintenance and coordinates all flights.
  5. Conducts personnel interviews, hiring and discharging of flight and maintenance personnel and schedules the training of all flight and maintenance employees.
  6. Supervises procurement, distribution and posting of all information or memoranda relative to any changes affecting Company policy, route information, navaids, NOTAMS, requisitioning of flying aids, aeronautical charts, etc.
  7. Ensures prompt reporting, filing and follow-up action on accident reports to the appropriate FAA agencies.
  8. Is responsible for the record keeping requirements of FAR Part 135.63.
  9. When a new model of aircraft is added to the existing revenue fleet, he/she will request, from the manufacturer and any other available sources, information unique to the safe operations of that aircraft.
  10. Coordinates activities in flight operations department, such as dispatching, flight control and flight training.
  11. Conducts investigations in cooperation with Federal agencies to determine causes of accidents and to establish accident prevention and emergency methods and procedures.
  12. Directs preparation of supplemental training materials or revisions of operational manuals resulting from changes in rules and procedures.
  13. Recruit, select, evaluate, and manage assigned staff; assign work; develop and implement work standards and performance measures.
  14. Develop and maintain the company’s General Operations manual. Coordinates with the Local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) on authorized Operations Specifications (OPSPEC’s).
  15. Is overall responsible for Operational Control of the company aircraft and crews, (may delegate this authority to the Chief Pilot or Director of Maintenance in his/her absence).
  16. Coordinates operations policies, and training matters with appropriate activities.
  17. Prepares and maintains proficiency records, pilot schedules, reports and correspondence pertaining to operations activities.
  18. Provides an adequate and current flight kit (Electronic Flight Bag) for each rotorcraft.
  19. Submits to the FAA all reports required, pertaining to flight crews.
  20. Designates sufficient Training Pilots to ensure all flight crews conform to standard procedures as outlined in applicable FAA Regulations and Company policies, and to ensure that all pilots maintain current route qualifications and receive proficiency checks as required by the FAA and Midwest Med-Air.
  21. Schedules rotorcraft to the available flight crew members and establishes personnel duty hours.
  22. Maintains proficiency as a Pilot in Command per FAR Part 119.71(b).
Job Requirements

Required Education and Experience
1. To serve as Director of Operations under &119.69(a) for certificate holder that only conducts operations for which the pilot in command is required to hold a commercial pilot certificate, a person must hold at least a commercial pilot certificate.
2. Have at least 3 years supervisory or managerial experience within the last 6 years in a position that exercised operational control over any operations conducted under part 121 or part 135.
3. Has had at least 5000 hours of flight time as pilot, including 1000 hours of cross country flight time, 500 hours of night flight time, 300 hours of turbine time, and 300 hours of actual or simulated instrument time at least 75 hours of which were in actual flights. Night Vision Goggle experience is preferred.
4. Holds a helicopter instrument rating with category and class rating, not limited to VFR; to serve as Pilot in Command under FAR 135.
5. Current 2nd Class Medical license required.

Preferred Education and Experience
1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in related field

Employer Contact Information
Midwest Medical Transport Company Midwest MedAir
Kenna Kerr
2611 S 117th St.
Omaha NE 68144
United States

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