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Envoy Air

Area Pilot

Experience Required
Work Schedule
Some Travel
Minimum Certification Required
Commercial Pilot With Instrument
Minimum Flight Hours Required

Job Description

Position Summary

Provides relief support for Base Line Pilots who are scheduled to
be absent during regularly scheduled shifts from their Base of assignment. This
position will be assigned to a Base within the Air Evac Region and will be
responsible for the coverage for Bases within the Region, and if required, for
Bases outside the Region.

Duties and Responsibilities

Operates the aircraft in a safe and efficient manner, with emphasis
on compliance with the Rotorcraft Flight Manual
Monitors forecast changes and current weather situations
Conducts preflight of the aircraft prior to starting shift and/or
accepting any transports or flights.
Preflight will be conducted utilizing the appropriate rotorcraft
flight manual.
Discrepancies noted during the pre-flight will be noted in the
engineering log with a notification to maintenance of the discrepancy and what
corrective action is being taken
Reports any major malfunctions, aircraft damage, or injured
personnel to Operations Center in the most expeditious manner
Ensures that all operations involving Company aircraft are in
compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, the Air Evac Operations Manual,
and any state or municipal regulation; thus ensuring safe, efficient transport
Performs any housekeeping duties required to make the crew quarters
and hanger area neat, clean, and presentable along with nurse, paramedic
Wash, wax, and clean aircraft, as needed, along with nurse,
paramedic and maintenance personnel
Submits all appropriate paperwork in a neat and timely manner
Other duties as assigned and/or required.

Job Requirements

Required at Date of Hire:

The pilot must possess at least a commercial rotorcraft-helicopter certificate and instrument helicopter rating.

At least 2000 total flight hours prior to an assignment.

A minimum of 1500 helicopter flight hours.

A minimum of 1000 hours must be as PIC in rotorcraft.

100 hours unaided; or, 50 hours unaided as long as the pilot has 100 hours aided.

A minimum of 500 hours of turbine time.

A minimum of a second class medical certificate.

A maximum weight of 220 pounds.
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